Informatička Akademija
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O Fondaciji
Sve o Fondaciji "Zajednički put" iz Prijedora
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Škola stranih jezika
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Zaštitna radionica
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Semira Hoffmann
Semira Hoffmann - Osnivač i donator Fondacije
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  • Informatička Akademija
  • O Fondaciji
  • Škola stranih jezika
  • Zaštitna radionica
  • Semira Hoffmann

Want to study in Greece, the very birthplace of academia (or, in Ancient Greek, Akadēmía)? This Mediterranean country is widely recognized as the intellectual wellspring to which modern western culture owes many of its linguistic, philosophical, cultural, legal, social and ethical beliefs and systems. Concepts of individualism, freedom, democracy and government all have their roots in the great thinkers of Ancient Greece, whose ideas are still widely read and debated today. Keen to follow in the footsteps of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and so many other great questioners and innovators? (

Scholarships in Greece: